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First dates guide

To every woman, who is not quite satisfied with her relationship, but isn’t really sure what’s missing

Hello lovelies!

My name’s Emilia and I have a question for you:

Are you tired of wasting your time and energy on the wrong guy?

If the answer’s YES, then “Is it a real thing – First Dates Guide” will become your new ‘go-to’ best friend for relationship advice!

How often have you been in a situation where you date a guy for a couple of months, only to realize he’s not really your guy?

Well, I have good news for you!

There is a way to get some really important clues during the first dates with your potential new love interest:

  • What is he really like?
  • How will he act in a relationship?
  • Is he actually ready for a relationship?
  • How will he act with you in front of others?
  • How will he react during an argument?
  • Can you actually trust and count on him?

The key here, is that you’ll get all this information directly from the source – your date himself!


That’s the easy part. In this guide you’ll discover practical techniques which will help you understand:

  • The hidden messages behind his words
  • How to filter the right information from your conversations
  • How to translate his language so you actually understand HIM

You’ll also find out:

  • How to use men’s nature to your advantage (Page 6)
  • What signs to look out for, to avoid becoming “a friend with benefits” (Page 11)
  • What are the types of “wrong” men out there? “The Broken Man”, “ The Manipulator”, “The Moves-In-Quickly Man” (Pages 21, 41 & 57)
  • What type of attitude makes men attracted to women? (Page 65)
  • What are the concrete criteria for uncovering the “man behind the mask”? (Page 28)
  • Why do we actually suffer from our love mishaps and how can we avoid them in the future? (Page 46)
  • How can we protect our feelings? (Page 61)
  • Practical steps to handle certain unwanted situations during your first couple of dates (Page 81)

And much more…. 🙂

So, don’t waste any more time on the “wrong” guy!

How to be sure this is the right Guide for you?

  • It has been developed on the basis of empirical evidence – real stories from real people and situations gathered and analyzed in the span of 12 years!
  • Each section of the Guide is structured in 2 parts: 1) PROBLEM, with real-life examples, 2) SOLUTION – clear and simple, without unnecessary, dry or boring theory
  • In case I didn’t make it clear – every sentence is based on real life 😊
  • Hence, I can safely say – it’s a LIFE SAVER!
  • Believe me, if I had known 10 years ago, what I know now, and have shared in this Guide, I would’ve saved myself a whole lot of headaches in the past…

I truly believe, we don’t necessarily need to go through horrible experiences to learn valuable lessons. It would be much wiser (and far less painful!) to learn from the existing experiences of women just like us and understand how to avoid obvious mistakes.

How to get the GUY(de) 😊

The First Dates Guide costs just xxxEUR and you can download it HERE

In case you’re wondering…

Is it worth it?

If you’re thinking, “isn’t xxxxEUR too much for this?” Here are a couple of facts that could change your mind: A one-hour session with a relationship coach costs anywhere between 50EUR and 200EUR.

What can you learn from a stranger in an hour’s time and, moreover, use in a practical every-day scenario?

You’ll need to save up a lot of money… The other option is group seminars which cost around 250 EUR. But statistics show you’ll probably retain only around 30% of the information.


  • The First Dates Guide will always be with you, wherever and whenever you need it. Even if you forget a tip, you can always refer back to it, which will save you time.
  • The practical techniques I describe will help you understand your guy more accurately so that you understand how to deal with him and get exactly what you want, which will save you energy.
  • Seminars and relationship therapy sessions offer solutions to a certain problem that’s already happened, while the Guide teaches you how to AVOID ending up in the problematic situations in the first place, which will save you money.
  • I am offering the whole Guide for xxx to make it easy for you to “take the first step” and prove you need it with you at ALL times during those first dates! I hope you truly love it and that it will provide the right foundation for a healthy and happy relationship!