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About me

Hi there!

My name is Emilia, and I happen to be the creator of this website and author of “Is It a Real Thing – First Dates Guide”. I say, “happen to be”, to try to convey to you that these achievements of mine were made possible due to circumstances beyond my control (aka, passed the age of thirty). In other words, I have some experience with relationships, so hear me out. 😊

I have always thought about and observed quite carefully the behaviour of both sexes, not just men. I can safely say, I’ve learned a lot about relationships – many times empirically – often from personal experience manifested on the principle of trial and error. 🙂

I have by no means been perfect in love and relationships, but I have come to believe, it is much more important for a person to understand why something succeeded or failed, rather than being flawless in the experience. I have also learned a lot from my friends, who have been ‘using’ me (in the positive sense of the word) as a personal consultant and adviser on love issues for years. We have talked for hours and days on end, breaking down and analysing situations, behaviours and actions of the opposite sex, leading me to uncover some very interesting findings. Namely, that although we have different personalities and individuality, in love we act the same, often according to predetermined patterns. What surprised me was that, at some point, I could give advice or an opinion that turned out to be so on spot, that it appeared I was predicting what the “subject” would do without ever having seen him in person. I’m not a clairvoyant by any means – there just seem to be some universal truths related to our human actions and reactions. The relationships between men and women are quite complicated, to say the least, but I hope that with this guide and website, where I share my experience, I will be able to bring you some clarity. Or, in the worst case, some interesting topics to ponder over. 🙂