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I love that book! It’s a guidance for better understanding how men’s brain works. I like how the author gives you tips and tricks to catch the red flags in early stages and how to prioritise your own feelings and needs. Actually, it is a must have book no matter you are in a relationship or not. I found out a lot for myself just reading it and explain why I did a certain things and how to avoid mistake in the future.
The book is very well written, full of useful information and a lot of personal examples. It provides great insight on what we might expect based on the first dates and what type of men we are dealing with according to the behaviour they demonstrate. I strongly recommend it!
Emilia is a queen of the modern love consulting. She has given her readers exactly what they want: how to find the perfect person, how to have a healthy relationship, how to build a strong relationship. And most of all, hope.
I read it 2 times already, and I will read it many more times in the future to remember it!
A great book magnificent very interesting for a few hours I read it and many of the examples are similar and I saw my mistakes.
I read the book last night. In every single page I found the answer and advice I desperately needed! This was the most successful gift I gave myself for the New Year 2021! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Author!
The book is suitable for any type of relationship. And for every age. Thank you, Emmy!
I recommend it. It is unique! The handbook made me realize that my life is beautiful with or without it. Each one of us falls into that difficult moment of anxiety and despair when we see that things are not going well with our partner, but after reading the book, I reconsidered things and it somehow calmed my soul. Because it gave me back my confidence. And the most important conclusion I came to is that “if you don’t value yourself, no one else can value you”. 🤗
A unique read! Super useful book! I read it twice, so I can enjoy it again! Thanks, Emmy! I needed this book! 🥰
I was fascinated, first of all, by the personal message, the personal approach – touching and sincere, and secondly – by the content. It had not happened to me in years that a book grabbed me so much that I literally read it in an hour or two in one night. Well, this one got me! I highly recommend it to any girl – grown up or not.
I recommend! I read it in one breath! Ah, the message I received with the book was exceptional! Thanks! I’m reading it for the second time now! Admirations for the book.
Great book!! I’m sorry I only came across it now!!.. If 20 years earlier – maybe my life would have been better.