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About the author
Emilia Smith

I’m Emilia, the creator of this website and author of “Is it the real thing – first dates guide.” In addition to being a trusted advisor to my friends, I have also worked with clients as a professional love consultant. I have dedicated countless hours to analyzing relationship dynamics and understanding human behavior in the context of romance. Through personal experiences, observations, and discussions with clients, I have gained valuable insights that can help women in their quest to find “the one.” My guide and website are designed to provide clarity, guidance, and practical advice for women seeking meaningful and lasting connections in their relationships there! I’m Emilia, the creator of this awesome website and the author of “Is it the real thing – first dates guide.” Not only do I offer guidance to my friends, but I’ve also had the pleasure of working with clients as their personal love consultant. I’ve spent countless hours diving deep into relationship dynamics, studying human behavior, and uncovering valuable insights. My goal is to help women like you find that special someone they’ve been looking for. So, whether you’re navigating the dating scene or trying to build a lasting connection, my guide and website are here to provide you with friendly, down-to-earth advice and support. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!